Saturday, February 4, 2017

DCarsonCPA Domestic and Global Lines

DCarsonCPA Domestic and Global Lines:

DCarsonCPA Domestic and Global Lines on the Economy and Financials Complex times call for innovation to help on key challenges in the Economy and Financials these are our lines to help on Macro and Micro, Legal / Compliance, Technology and Teamwork needs for #EGALBO (Each Generation a Little Better Off in the Economy and Financials). For support to Core Values of #Liberty #Freedom and #ExceptionalTeamwork at home and for the broader lines of Teamwork to help on improvements for Liberty and Humanity.

Where the Challenge is the Economy what is needed is a more common understanding of Pathways to encourage Exceptional Teamwork to help on improvements. Our Challenges evidence a  greater need for Cross Functional Thinking and Analysis on the solutions lines and evident needs for strong bridges where Economics, Legal, Financial and Technology meet on pathways for Entity, Policy and Community Improvements where we meet on Teamwork.

This is a new knowledge age and if that knowledge is not being focused on improvement on teamwork we've missed the original point and see the needs on path to help on cross sector challenges with better pathways for teamwork. Knowledge is the foundation of Teamwork that can help on Advisory for Public and Private needs on Improvements that in the End Benefit the Domestic Economy and the lines of Teamwork with Friends of Like Minds to values of Freedom and Liberty and / or mutual respect.

The Wealth of Nations was written by a Scot, I am A Scots, English, Irish, German, French, Dutch American with roots to the Foundation and deep appreciation for Exceptional Teamwork which values the whole of the Lines of Freedom and Liberty beyond Race, Class, Color, Gender or Creed to the Value of #ExceptionalTeamwork . Through Honorary lines of Friendships I have known and seen the Value that Comes through the Melting Pot where the contributions of African Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans, Spaniards, Portuguese, Polish, Italian,  Asian, Africans, MENA  and the Cultural Wealth of ALL Nation's adds value to the worlds most diverse community in the Melting Pot AND the very susbtance of the Melting Pot is not to diminish core values on Domestic Lines but to embrace how every layer of who we are is strengthened through Our Diversity and Commitment to Adhere to a common core of Constitutional Values.

I have also seen the challenges that come when we focus more on the divides and less on the core of #ExceptionalTeamwork and it is value which is unsustainable and comes at a high cost to Domestic Values on Teamwork in the Economy and Financials. There is alot of healing that needs to take place to help on the Common lines of Teamwork. The tools to help on the Economy and Financials and find pathways to Economic improvements are some of the most solid tools we have for improvements through teamwork to help on the Economy and Financials and for a more common return to #EGALBO.

From a Core of the Value of Domestic Lines and to the productive Lines of Trade and Growth and Teamwork for Improvements in the Human Condition, there are many layers of Value for Teamwork, none of which are attainable without a sense to the common value of who we are unto each other and what we share at home on domestic lines and how important that value is to helping on teamwork. Though we live in complicated times that focus to key needs on Growth and Risk and Logistics to Teamwork where Economic Challenges revert to needs to work in smart ways with Public and Private Pathways to help on Teamwork for improvements. There are practical needs to focus on Domestic and Allied Teamwork AND paths to work and hope for improvements in the broader condition for Humanity through Clarity to the Value and Difference of Freedom and Liberty. May we strengthen the lines and help on improvements through clarity to Our value and how that helps on Global Value with  improvements.

In complicated times it becomes important to speak to the value of Teamwork and how it is at the core of what makes the Value where we meet in broader framework of the Economy and Financials.

Our value to teamwork brings strong value of Domestic and Global points that can help on improvements.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

GAO on GDP to Debt Measures